Stasys Museum: announcement of the opening date

Stasys Museum: announcement of the opening date

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„Stasys Museum“ is announcing its opening date: the museum will open to the public on 31 May 2024.  Visitors will be welcomed to explore and discover the multilayered art of Stasys Eidrigevičius in a most-awaited exhibition, to be curated by a unique duo – the son of the artist Ignacy Eidrigevičius and Lina Albrikienė.

According to the director of Stasys Museum, Vaida Andrijauskaitė, Stasys Museum will be opened to the public in stages. The most awaited is undoubtedly the exhibition of Stasys Eidrigevičius this Spring, as the main focus of the season. The exhibition space is being set-up by a seasoned team, working on the entire architecture of the museum: IMPLMNT architects, led by Aurimas Syrusas in close cooperation with both curators. The exhibition spaces will maintain the style integrity characteristic of the building: modern minimalism and monumentality.

During the opening, visitors will be able to discover Stasys Eidrigevičius art as well as the only panoramic terrace in Panevėžys city, located on the roof of the museum. The views from this terrace will open a new perspective of the city, allowing to look at it from a different, never-before-seen angle. “We have no doubt that the terrace will become a center of attraction for the public – the beautiful city panorama is extremely “instagramable”, so we hope that visitors will take away good impressions as well as impressive pictures”, says the director of the museum V. Andrijauskaitė.

Photos: Gediminas Kartanas