Exhibition of Posters was opened in Poltava (Ukraine)

Exhibition of Posters was opened in Poltava (Ukraine)

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On the occasion of International Theater Day (March 27 ), an exhibition of theater posters by the Stasys Eidrigevičius will be opened at the N. Gogol Theater in Poltava (Ukraine). The exhibition was initiated by the Lithuanian cultural attaché in Ukraine, and it is organized together with the Lithuanian Institute of Culture, Stasys Museum, the Department of Culture and Tourism of the State Administration of the Poltava Region and the Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Lithuania in the Poltava Region.

This year is special for S. Eidrigevičius. The long-awaited museum named after him will be opened in Panevėžys on May 31st and in July the artist will celebrate his 75th birthday. It was these special occasions that prompted the organization of an exhibition of his works in Ukrainian theaters. The N. Gogol Theater in Poltava is only the first stop. The exhibition will travel around the theaters of Ukraine throughout the year and will visit the theaters of Kyiv, Lviv, Ivano-Frankiivsk and other cities.


Poster of the exhibition


Stasys Eidrigevičius is a world-renowned graphic artist, poster artist, painter, photographer, sculptor, scenographer, designer and writer. In Warsaw, where he moved in 1980 and where he debuted early in his career with book miniatures, including book tabs, he soon fell in love with the theater poster. Stasys himself remembers that in Poland that year there were many theater premieres in local theaters, so there were many places where the poster could be hung. After all, the poster has to live on the street and then he began to experiment with how to convey his thoughts and artistic images on the poster, trying to make a poster that would be noticed by buyers.

His first steps in the field of poster art were very well received by critics and viewers. Also, the images on all his posters are Stasys’ world. Directors have always trusted the artist and this is the secret of his wonderful posters, which were created with pleasure and without pressure, often winning awards in various international competitions.